Work starts on aft cabin again
two 6ft x 2ft 6in beds with heat
and storage under.


Desk taking shape, where I will
soon be sitting to update this and
the forum Web site.


Wardrobe and cupboard

  Aft cabin almost finished.     First of three coats of varnish.     Pipe work awaiting boxing in.  
  Main cabin looking untidy with all the stuff from the aft cabin in it. You can just see me in the mirror. Work will be transferring to here soon, so I will be moving into the aft cabin.     Calorifier in place and plumbing started, water can be heated by the diesel stove, main engine or electric immersion heater.     Soundproof covers for 7Kva generator tested for size.  Generator is un-mounted as yet, it's just sitting across the main engine bearers.  

Fit out photo's page

  Hydraulic tank and valves for bow thruster etc, with pump top right.     Main engine Perkins Sabre M92. All mounted waiting for plumbing and wiring up.