TV, video and storage
units being built,
    Seating unit begins to take shape,
used as a workbench for now.
    Close-up of right hand unit.
awaiting door fitting.
Basin unit and toilet.
  Close-up of left hand unit.
awaiting door fitting.
    Stove/boiler stood in place,
awaiting tiling and flue.
  Seating unit from opposite end.           Bed with storage drawers awaiting doors and custom built mattress.  
Domestic water pump, water softener, diesel filter for stove & central heating.
  Work begins on Galley port side.     Galley and saloon from wheelhouse steps  
  Galley starboard side.           Left to right: cupboard, washing machine, sinks with cupboard under, wine rack.  
  Double sink fitted, awaiting plumbing     Fit out photo's page
    Galley starboard side taking shape.