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  Tony spotted that the designer
of the shell had possibly overlooked where the anchor windlass could be located, as the majority of windlass have the gypsy on the right.
    Looking from bedroom through
saloon and galley to wheelhouse.
    Not related to the fit out, this will be her mooring when she is completed. Click image for large picture of the whole of Shardlow Marina.  
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  Saloon looking into galley.     Rear cabin.     Wardrobe begins to take shape,
to be fitted with double doors.
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  Bedroom cupboard started,
awaiting doors.
    Double bed being built. Bed will be 5ft at the head tapering to 4ft 6in at the foot.     Saloon from wheelhouse steps.  
An electric anchor winch that will
fit in the space available has now
been located by Tony.
  image   image
Mounting for hydraulic tank welded in, brown angle, top centre.
        Bed will have 6x20" interlinked
drawers, three each side.
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